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Tory Island

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The Gael Saoire Tory Island
Tory Island (Toraigh) lies 10 miles out in the Atlantic. The island’s remoteness has been a factor in the preservation of the native Irish language, traditions, songs, dances and way of life. Tory has its own indigenous school of painters. The geography and location of Oileán Thoraigh off the North West Coast make it an ideal destination for the ornithologist wishing to study the many species of sea birds which inhabit the island. The island has a hotel, a hostel and a number of B&Bs. There is an Art Gallery, a Tea and Craft Shop, a Diving Centre, a shop and a social club. Tory offers the pleasures of the past, with today’s modern conveniences. Transport to and from the island is by boat from Bunbeg and Machaire Rabhartaigh (Magheroarty).

Contact: Turas Mara
Tel: 074 9531320/9531340
Fax: 075 9531665

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