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From Beldeirg to Barnatra

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From Beldeirg to Barnatra
In the North Western corner of the Barony of Erris lie the villages of Béal Deirg (Beldeirg), Gleann na Muaigh (Glenamoy) and Ceathrú Thaidhg (Carrowteige). This is an area of great physical beauty, where one can find the most spectacular seacliff scenery, where jagged headlands, seastacks and caves, have been carved by the power of the sea. The award winning heritage centre at the Céide Fields begins this amazing journey along the coast road. Traditional rural life rules this land – the farmer, the fisherman, the knitter, the weaver and the blacksmith each has a role and whilst this way of life is changing the practices can still be seen in passing through the Barony of Erris.

Moving along the coast, the village of Gleann na Muaigh comes into view. Turn right towards Ceathrú Thaidhg and meander in along the tiny winding roads where jewels such as the fishing villages of Port D’Úrlinne (Porturlin) and Ros Dumhach (Rossport) come into view. Visit the Seanscoil in Ceathrú Thaidhg where over 4,000 place names are mapped for your convenience.

Returning to Gleann na Muaigh, turn right towards Béal an Mhuirthead (Belmullet) for a few miles until the road to Poll a tSomáis (Pollatomish), meaning The Valley of Tranquility, comes into view. Travel along this coast road and onwards to the village of Inbhear (Inver) where you can visit an open farm at “Flannery’s Village”. Finally relax at Barr na Trá where you can do a spot of fishing on Carramore Lake.

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