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The passage tomb at Newgrange, Sí an Bhrú, is one of the most famous prehistoric monuments in Western Europe. Built over 5000 years ago, the burial chamber is entered through a long stone passage (hence the name), the whole area being covered by a huge mound. The mound itself covers over an acre of ground and was constructed from over 200,000 tons of stone and earth.

Of Newgrange`s many notable features, perhaps the most famous is the small opening over the door, the roof box. At dawn on the morning of the winter solstice, the shortest day of the year (December 21st) and a number of days before and after, a shaft of sunlight penetrates the passage, creeping slowly to the very back of the chamber. To the Neolithic farmers, this may have been a sign of rebirth, with the New Year giving renewed life to crops and animals.

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Ledwidge the Poet
Other places of fascinating interest not far from the Rath Cairn and Baile Ghib Gaeltacht are Trim Castle, Bective Abbey, the heritage town of Kells and the Ledwidge Cottage Museum near Slane. This was the home of famous Meath Poet Francis Ledwidge who was killed in the first World War.

A burst of sudden wings at dawn,
Faint voices in a dreamy noon,
Evenings of mist and murmurings,
And nights with rainbows on the moon...

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