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Language Learning: ...or a great adventure
In the Gaeltacht areas of Donegal, Irish courses of the highest standard are available to people of all ages, irrespective of their knowledge of the Irish language.
Students in the 10 - 19 age bracket can attend the Irish Summer Colleges. There are also day and evening courses available for the more mature students.
Bain triail as cúpla focal! (Try a few words).

Visitor Attractions:
While visiting the Donegal Gaeltacht, take time out to enjoy some of the many attractions this spectacular area has to offer. Take a boat trip on a lake, go pony trekking, visit a historic castle, museum, heritage centre or art gallery, or perhaps step back in time to experience a trip on an old style railway. Young or old, there is something here for you!

Tee up and drive...
The Donegal Gaeltacht offers a holiday which combines the excitement of truly magnificent golf with some of the most beautiful and unspoiled scenery in Europe. The golfer will marvel at the spontaneous warm welcome at each of Donegal’s courses. The magnificent links courses along the Atlantic seaboard exploit the spectacular coastal scenery and beaches to the full and provide some of the most exhilarating golf in the world.

A leisurely walk...
No visit to this area would be complete without walking or climbing some outstanding mountains. The routes are generally uncrowded, but it is still a pleasure to meet and chat with other walkers along the way. Most routes are designed so that any reasonably fit person can walk them. However, this does not stop them winding through spectacular mountain scenery, magnificent glens and valleys.

Game Fishing
County Donegal is one of the few remaining unspoilt angling havens in Europe and is relatively unaffected by pollution, over fishing and climatic changes which have blighted other areas. It is rightly famous for its game angling opportunities, from the many Brown Trout fishing loughs to the spate systems which provide great opportunities for the game angler. Donegal possesses some of the best coastline in Europe allied to large stocks of Sandeel and Sprat, making it one of the most important coastal feeding zones for Sea Trout in Western Europe.

Saddle up...
Revel in the beauty of a constantly changing Donegal Gaeltacht landscape and enjoy unhindered access to Atlantic beaches, moors, mountains, forest trails and lake shores.
Breathe in the crystal clear air; guide your mount through a clean mountain stream or along the white sands of an unpolluted shoreline. The following centres listed are approved by A.I.R.E.- the Association of Irish Riding Establishments and are located within the Donegal Gaeltacht.

Deep Sea Diving...
The Donegal Gaeltacht is a must for all divers. The Donegal coastline is awash with the most beautiful and spectacular dive sites. Divers of all grades will find a dive to suit them, no matter whether they want boat or shore diving. The more experienced diver will be able to tackle most of the many wrecks which lie around the Donegal coastline, especially in the northwest region, but there are plenty of dive sites for those with less experience also. The most popular dive sites tend to be near easy launching points. Depending on the quality of boat used, there are offshore sites, which can be reached in calm weather conditions, such as Tory, Inishbofin and Arranmore Islands. These can also be reached by a regular ferry, but usually only in clement weather. The more popular, and practical sites near places such as Teelin and Malinbeg in South West Donegal, Burtonport and Aranmore, off the west of the county, along with Downings and Malin Head in the North, would give any keen diver more than enough choice for a week or two.

Sea Angling off the Donegal Coast
The North Atlantic Drift, with its warming influence on our coastlines, brings an abundance of species within easy reach of the Sea Angler and provides angling opportunities throughout the year. This coastline is a haven for fishermen, with idyllic beaches and ready access to angling facilities. The three main areas that lie adjacent to the Gaeltacht area are Donegal Bay (Mullaghmore to Rathlin O`Birne), West Donegal (Malin Bay to Bloody Foreland) and North West Donegal (Bloody Foreland to Fanad Head). These areas hold phenomenal stocks of varied cold water species and during the summer warmer water species such as blue shark and tope and others visit our shores.